Use possibility of tracks recording and description of location markers adding, which can be observed or added just from a map.

Tracks recording can be started manually or automatic in geofences set for that specially. Every geographic coordinate is recorded in separate note, which provides possibility to add a location description for any measured coordinate represented by markers on a map lately.  Color of marker selected by a click on it is changed (green color in first screenshot pic.). Description view or edit form can be opened by second click on that marker. (on second pic.).

Use track recording for terrain orientation in unknown places as well, to not go astray in a forest, for example. Track is drawn on a map in real time after activating "Auto refresh map" checkbox (see first pic.), and you will be able to correct your movement direction according to recorded track on a map. The blue marker of device current location will be moving on a map as well.

To show track on a map use button with location icon on upper panel (on fourth pic.) after selecting a track in all application documents tracks list (track "Forest" on fourth pic.), or select "Show track on map" context menu option on a note with function "Geographic track" set (see fifth pic.). It works for note functions "Geofence (reminder, tracker)" or "Inactive geofence" as well.

Share your track with friends just while in motion.

Track recording in  application document together with document sync with cloud storage grants to you additional possibility of remote device movement observation, if mobile network is available.

When big company of people travel in several cars it would be possible to share each over tracks and monitor them on map in real time almost, if mobile internet is available. All you have to do is activate a track recording in the same document synced with the same Dropbox account on different devices. Use separate document and separate storage account for that to not mix private information with information you would like to share. This application lets you sync different documents using different accounts.


  1. Activate track recording in a document synced with the same cloud storage account.
  2. Select auto-sync option "Frequently" in document settings, setup sync period restriction in the application settings.
  3. Wait for first location points from remote device are recorded and sync document by sync option from actions menu on the right. Select this track for monitoring from tracks list and activate its showing on map.


That is all what is required to start observing for track on remote device. You would be able to see on map track from remote device growing after every sync event. Location of you own device can be observed by looking on blue marker on the same map. See more accurate description under title "Geofences and tracks" in step-by-step instructions here.