Memo, Notepad and Organizer Products.

Two applications for Android devices are available for installation.

Application Milky Way Memo of version 4.4 is available for purchase from Google Play store. Нere is a link to buy it from Google Play store.

Free application Milky Way Memo Light of version 4.4 is available from different sites. Download it from this site (It's possible, you will have to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources" in device settings) or install it from Google Play store.

Differences between them are summarized in the table below.

Products comparison

  Milky Way Memo Light Milky Way Memo
Notes with multi-line text  formatting Supported Supported
Adding photo, video, audio, other file attachments to notes Supported Supported
Adding attachments to any notes   Supported
Adding illustrations to texts and attachments text description Supported Supported
Moving notes in one list, between different lists of the same or different documents. Copying references, notes and even notes linked into a tree or tree branches Supported Supported
Menu of arbitrary hierarchy creating to access notes Supported Supported
Links between notes. Links from parent to children, as in inheritance tree. References to already existed notes allow creating many-to-many relationship Supported Supported
Schedule and reminder Supported Supported
Notes with current geo-location coordinates Supported Supported
Geofences and tracks Supported Supported
Tracks recording and showing in tracks list without length and number restriction   Supported
Keeping a remote device track under observation on a map   Supported
Actions support (call a number, email, sms, location on map, open web link, reference to device picture or video) Supported Supported
Sums calculation, custom formulas definition Supported Supported
Working with multiple documents Supported Supported
Sdcard export and import of documents Supported Supported
Documents encryption   Supported
Sync documents with cloud storage. Multiple storage accounts support   Supported
Search notes by entering key words   Supported
Showing list of sorted notes from all documents   Supported
Contacts information sending (vcard)   Supported
Documents export in CSV text format   Supported
Device home screen widgets such as all notes, notes of selected list and document, schedule, pinned notes and images, buttons of quick note creation Supported Supported
Free from ads Supported Supported
Download and use for free Supported  

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