How not to get puzzled in such diversity of information to be held in notes? How to find a required note in a document? The solution is to create a menu informative enough to correctly reflect document notes information.

It's quite simple to create and use a menu in the application, thanks to lists of connected notes navigation interface. You can see two such lists on the device screen where the content of right list depends of its parent note selected in the left list. You just create a note with a text of menu item (as brief as possible) and put it in a list which contains menu items of the same level. All deeper level menu items would be opened by clicking on that note in the list to the right from it. It is possible to get into any position in menu hierarchy by paging forward to deeper menu levels and clicking on different menu items. At the same time, there is no any restrictions to number of menu levels. It is allowed to create a branchy menu of any hierarchy to make it informative as much as possible.

Additionally, separation of not crossing information by different documents can be useful also. Coping of separate notes and whole notes hierarchies (notes trees) between documents is supported in this application and can be useful for information sorting. Notes from all documents viewing and searching are supported as well. For example, it is sometimes helpful to put confidential information in a separate document and encrypt it with password for security of working with it. That would require to enter password every time when opening the document and to work with it cautiously. But other documents can be kept free of requirement to enter password to open them, so working with information in those documents can be done much easier.