Notes can be added by importing contacts form your device "Contacts" application or device address book. Create and use open archive or encrypted with password archive of all your contacts. Create useful lists of contacts to send people when meeting them.

Wide range of contacts import and export between notes and device address book options are supported.

Create notes with contacts sent to your device in vcard format by bluetooth or email. Import received vcard in "Contacts" application first and then use import contacts in this application. It's possible to avoid coping to "Contacts" application for reverse task of sending contacts information to other devices. Just send vcard of separate contacts as well as prepared lists of contacts to other devices, for example, when meeting people. Use the application contacts export context submenu option "Send to as vcard" for that. The context menu is activated by long click on a note with contact name or parent note of names list (in the right or left lists of notes).

Work with contacts not leaving the application using functions set for notes with contact information. You can link with contact name any number of fields with text and references to notes and use there functions in addition to standard address book functions (call a number, send email, sms, show address on a map, open Internet link in a browser). For example, you can connect to contact name a birthday date field with reminder set to notify about the date approach.