Type text on any keyboard working with your device or use on-screen keyboard. The application supports multiline text formating and size of text in notes restricted by device memory only.

In view mode, you can switch between showing of two lists of notes on screen and full screen text by long click on the text view field on the top of device screen. In edit mode, you can do it from actions menu on the right.

Go to edit mode by the button with a pen sign on it. If needed, clear text editing field by pressing "Clear" button. Choose a list where to put a new note by clicking on any note of that list or by clicking on empty list. Page the lists backward (to the left lists) or forward (to the right lists), like you do with book pages, and selecting needed notes from the left list to open new lists of notes on the right. And then add the new note with "+" button. Exit from edit mode by device "Back" button or from actions menu on the right.