Forum rules

Submitted by admin on Sat, 02/18/2017 - 12:30

After logging in, users with registered account can add and edit forum topics and messages (or forum topic comments), and send private messages to publications authors using "Contact" form if they had not prohibited that in their registration form. Forum containers and forums are created and edited by site administrators and moderators of the forum. Please, leave a message with request to add new forum or container in the following forum topic "New forum or container creating."

Rules of this forum are simple.

  1. Messages and forum topics have to be in match with site themes (which are questions of collecting, storing, organizing and using of information in person or in small groups of people).
  2. Merely advertising messages are prohibited. These are messages without any useful information or argumentation, replies to non specific questions with ads, messages out of discussion context and consisted merely of names of advertised products or companies and links.
  3. Obscene language is prohibited. Showing any kind of disrespect to forum participants is not allowed anywhere on the site as well as in private messages to the site users.
  4. Messages and forum topics have to be added in English or Russian languages in appropriate forum containers according to selected language.
  5. When adding a new forum topic, please, make sure there is no similar topic in the forum, and if it is then use it for your messages or comments. Search tool which can be found in the header of the site pages can help you with that task.
  • Forum moderators and site administrators can delete any topic, message or comment which not suits items (1-2), delete or edit messages contradicting item 3, move message or delete it if it is against items (4-5). User accounts of malicious rules offenders can be banned (blocked) by site administrators.