Device home screen widgets.

Fast notes creation with buttons tool. There are microphone, text, photo, video, adding schedule events (bell sign) buttons available with widgets.

Convenient viewing most actual notes and images just on device home screen. Or quick access to most often used notes and attachments from any application documents with instantaneous move to selected note in application.

Special grouping of any notes and images from application documents for short period of time usually, just on home screen. For example, showing there interesting images, information required to work on current tasks, e. s.. Items can be removed from a group easily (unpinned) and pinned back again. That provides functioning like a checklist or shopping list additionally.

Any widget can be combined from the following elements.

  • Widget name.
  • Fast notes creation buttons panel.
  • List or cards with notes or images.


Four widget types are available. They all have different set of notes placed on their list or cards.

  • All notes.
  • Notes of selected document and list.
  • Schedule.
  • Pinned notes.